Your Guide to Buying Products from Foreign Amazon Websites


You might have recently discovered Amazon, its myriad benefits, and impressive array of products. This marketplace offers everything you might want for your home, wardrobe, library, etc. However, the online retailer hasn’t been present on the Israeli market for a long time. So, compared to the .com website or other countries’ websites, you might not find the same product diversity. But don’t worry; you can order products from foreign Amazon websites and have them shipped to Israel. Learn more about how and why you might want to do this. 

TLDR: How to order products from different Amazon websites based abroad? Here is a short guide.

Worldwide Shipping to Israel from Amazon Websites

Many foreign Amazon websites enjoy an excellent reputation among customers for their comprehensive range of products and impeccable customer service. Among them, we can mention

One crucial aspect is product availability. Although you can buy products from other countries’ Amazon versions, not all the items are available by default. When you try to buy them, the website will let you know if the chosen products are available for shipping to Israel or not. There is a label next to each product showing its availability. Make sure you’re logged into your Amazon account so that Amazon can show you the product availability based on your address. 

The Advantages of Ordering from Amazon’s Local Websites 

Diversity is the biggest advantage of buying products from Amazon websites other than the .com international platform. Just like many Israeli brands are present on the Hebrew website, the same happens in other local markets. On the Italian platform, for example, you can find a great array of Italian fashion brands you can’t find on the .com, U.S., or UK market. So, you can buy high-quality, genuine products straight from their motherland. 

Based in Israel, the shipping times to get your products from European countries, for example, should be shorter compared to Amazon U.S. The products won’t have to cross the ocean to reach you. So, you’ll get your package faster. 

An aspect that might concern you when placing an order on a foreign Amazon website is the support service. Fret not. Amazon offers reliable customer support 24/7 on all its foreign websites. It is true that the agents will first answer in the local language, but if you switch to English, most should have no problem coping with this language. Amazon is a global employer that hires top talent for its services team. Support agents are expected to know English and not just their native language. If you can only communicate with them in Hebrew, use automated translation services to translate your messages and send them via email or live chat. 

What Foreign Amazon Websites Are Available in Israel? 

You can order products in Israel from different foreign Amazon websites. For example, the French, UK, Italian, Spanish, or German sites offer extensive coverage and ship items to many countries, including Israel. These are also the websites with the longest history in the European market. You can rest assured they are safe and offer a professional service

How to Create an Account and Place orders on These Websites?

To create an account on Amazon, you don’t need to go to each website’s local version. Choose the Hebrew version and create an account there. Then, with the same login details, you should be able to view items on foreign Amazon websites and place orders if they are available for shipping to Israel. 

There are only a few country restrictions that require you to have a separate account for the local website. Up till now, this applied to China and Japan. 

Using a Shipping Forwarder to Get Packages from Abroad 

You can also shop from Amazon via a shipping forwarder to speed up the shipping process. This option is available for the UK and U.S. platforms.

What Is a Shipping Forwarder?

A shipping forwarder is a third party that makes the connection between Amazon and your location. To avoid the hustle and long waiting times involved in shipping your orders from these places to Israel, you can rely on an intermediary. This is the forwarder. It is a company that takes your order from Amazon and then ships it to you. One such example is 

However, these services cost extra compared to having the products delivered directly to your address.  This option also allows you to bypass purchase restrictions. Some sellers might not send products from their country to your address. With a shipping forwarder, you can get them.

How to Sign Up for One? 

To use a shipping forwarder, you will need to access that company’s website and create an account. Once you do this, you will get a shipping forwarder address. Then, you can log into your Amazon account, place an order, and link it to the forwarder’s address.

Other Practical Considerations to Ease Purchases from Foreign Amazon Websites

Using Chrome Auto-translate 

Some countries’ websites, such as the German, UAE, or Japanese ones, offer a version both in the local language and English. Use the language filter in the right-hand upper corner to switch to English. If this doesn’t help and you need the website translated into Hebrew, access it from the Chrome browser. This browser has an incorporated auto-translate tool. It will automatically translate the site’s content into Hebrew.

Calculating Currency Conversion to ILS

A fundamental aspect to consider when making an international Amazon purchase is price. Each platform displays prices in the local currency. Use a currency converter such as Google’s currency converter or any currency conversion app to convert the prices in Shekel. There are plenty of free tools for this. Also, convert the final price you have to pay at checkout; this will comprise the sipping costs.

Shipping Costs and Taxes

Buying products from an international Amazon website comes with additional fees. This is due to the higher shipping costs and import taxes. These will be determined based on the value of the items you order. Amazon compiles these international shipping fees and taxes into ‘Import Fees.’ This is an estimate of what you should pay to get the items shipped to you, and Amazon might ask for an Import fee deposit. If the actual cost is lower after the items reach their destination, you will get a refund.