Why Amazon Is a Safe Retailer for the Israel Market


Amazon is currently the biggest retailer worldwide. Each month, more than 200 million people purchase products from this platform. Amazon offers a huge range of products and multiple extra services such as video streaming, free access to eBooks, and plenty more perks. If you live in Israel and you’re wondering how safe shopping from Amazon is, let’s tackle your concerns. Learn more about Amazon’s support service returns, insurance, free shipping program, and more.

TLDR: Discover how Amazon supports its clients, when you can get free shipping on this platform, how to ask for a refund, and more.

Amazon’s Support Service for Customers in Israel 

Amazon offers different support options, including a comprehensive help center, chat, or phone support. To check out the customer support options, access the website and go to the Customer Service section. You’ll find it on the home page, among the tabs displayed next to the menu icon (in the left upper corner). 

You can view some of the information in the help center even if you don’t have an account yet. There are several general topics you can choose from

  • Deliveries, orders, or returns
  • Login, address, security & privacy
  • eBooks, Prime Videos, or Music
  • Amazon Prime
  • Membership, subscriptions, or communications
  • Accessibility
  • Payment charges or gift cards
  • Kindle, Fire, or Alexa device
  • Something else 

Once you click on one of these categories for extra information, you’ll be required to log in. You can also search for questions or topics in the search box below the general topics list. 

Beneath that, there is an additional section, ‘All help topics.’ There, you can learn more about your product deliveries, returns and refunds, payments, pricing and promotions, Amazon Business Accounts, and more.

All the information you need to easily place orders or ask for refunds, for example, is available in the Help area. If you want to contact an Amazon agent, you can use the live chat option. You can also choose to be contacted over the phone or call customer support. The support team is also available by email. You can contact Amazon 24/7

Other Amazon Customer Safety Aspects

If it’s your first time ordering from Amazon, you might wonder how safe this place is. Rest assured Amazon is fulfilling all its obligations to customers. With a comprehensive help center and 24/7 support, you can find out anything you need to know about your Amazon order. Here are a few more topics that might interest you as a new Amazon customer. 

Refunds for Missing Parcels

If you want to return an item to Amazon, you will get a refund or replacement for your purchase. You can also ask for a refund for parcels you’ve never received, which might happen due to long and complex international shipping procedures. 

To learn more about refunds, go to Amazon’s Help & Customer Service area and select Refunds. Amazon offers different payment methods for refunds. To request a refund, log into your account, go to Your Orders, choose View Return/Refund Status and check out your refund’s timeline. For credit card refunds, for example, the waiting time after the refund is processed is three to five business days. 

Amazon’s Credit Card Insurance

Amazon offers credit card insurance. If you have access to an Amazon Visa Signature card, you can benefit from purchase protection. This amounts to coverage between $500 and $1,000 on eligible purchases for theft or damage. These cards are generally available on the US market and are issued by Chase. The card also allows you to get cashback rewards and has no foreign transaction fees. Additionally, it provides travel insurance. 

Amazon Product Warranty 

Amazon offers a warranty for the products you buy from this platform. The manufacturer’s warranty helps you get repairs, refunds, or replacements if your product breaks down. To claim a warranty for a defective product, go to Amazon’s online returns center, select the product you want to return, and explain its defect. Then, the merchant will contact you. 

Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee is another warranty option that applies to products sold and fulfilled by third-party sellers. The warranty applies to delivery times and the product’s conditions. If you cannot solve the problems related to your products with the seller, contact Amazon. You could get a refund under the A-to-z guarantee.

Shipping tracking code

To help you easily track your orders, Amazon uses shipping tracking codes. You will get the tracking code after placing an order. You can use it to see where your order is and get the estimated time of arrival. Log into your Amazon account and go to Your Orders for shipping tracking information.

Amazon’s Availability in Israel 

Amazon is an international marketplace. As such, you can buy products from Amazon from all over the world, including Israel. Nonetheless, the company doesn’t provide a dedicated platform for each country. If you want to buy products from Amazon, a version of the platform’s website is available in Hebrew. 

Products Available for Free Delivery to Israel via Amazon

You can order from Amazon and enjoy free delivery to Israel. This benefit was first introduced in 2019. It was waived the following year due to the pandemic, and starting 2021, free shipping to Israel became available again. 

The main condition to enjoy free delivery is to place orders of at least $65. There are also some limitations regarding the eligible products for free shipping. 

How Do Free Amazon Deliveries to Israel Work?

To see exactly what products qualify for free shipping, you must pay attention to each item. If it says it includes ‘free shipping to Israel,’ you can add it to your cart. If it doesn’t, you will see at checkout that the product is not available in Israel or is not available for free shipping to Israel. If some items from your order are non-eligible, use the checkboxes to eliminate them

When Will You Receive Your Package? 

The delivery times depend on your address, and which warehouse the products come from. However, do expect to wait for several days or even weeks for international deliveries. Parcels are shipped via Israel Post. Then, they’re handled by private shipping companies.