How to Get Cash Back for Your Amazon Purchases?


Amazon is the world’s largest retailer. This e-commerce platform has been around for more than two decades. Millions of people worldwide do their shopping on Amazon. You can find anything you might want here. The platform also offers additional services, such as video streaming, music streaming, or online reading services. Plus, it provides lots of benefits to loyal customers and not only. One is the possibility of using cash back credit cards to earn rewards while shopping. Discover what credit cards enable you to do this and how they work. 

TLDR: Learn how Amazon incentivizes customers with cash back rewards. Explore two cash back credit you can use while shopping on Amazon. 

How Do Cash Back Credit Cards Work on Amazon?

Cash back credit cards provide a straightforward rewards system. These credit cards have been around for quite a while now. In the U.S., for example, there’s a plethora of cash back credit cards you can choose from. Many of them also partner with Amazon. So, you can access different benefits while using them for your Amazon purchases. 

Cash back credit cards work like this

  1. You use the card to purchase different items.
  2. You get a cash back return as a percentage of your spending. 
  3. You collect the cash back rewards and use them for new purchases.

Each time you pay with the card to purchase items on Amazon or other online stores, a part of the amount you spent turns back to you. 

Cash Back Credit Cards Main Advantages

The main advantage is that these cards basically allow you to pay less for future purchases. The more often you use them, the more cash back you collect. The reward represents a percentage of your purchase. For example, with the American Express cash back credit cards, you get between 1% and 20% back on your purchases. The larger the amount you spend, the more you will get back. 

Things to Consider Before Getting a Cash Back Credit Card

Before applying for a cash back credit card, for Amazon, or in general, make sure you understand the card’s terms and conditions. Cash back credit cards usually have a high interest rate (APR). You will need to pay this rate if you have an outstanding balance on your credit card.

The Max Pay Back Cash Back Card for Online Stores  

If you’re using e-commerce platforms from Israel, the best way to get cash back for your purchases is via Max PayBack. 

What Are Max PayBack Deals?

To see what you can get with Max Pay Back, access Max PayBack’s website. Here, you’ll find more details about the deals you can enjoy with this cash back program. You will also find a comprehensive list of terms and conditions. 

The Max PayBack cash back credit card enables you to get money back from your purchases. The good news is you’re not limited to Amazon only. There is a wide range of eligible stores. You can see all the available stores on the Max PayBack website or in the app. Moreover, the website’s home page welcomes you with a selection of hot deals.

Here are the hot deals you can currently access. The list is constantly updated with new ones. 

  • Up to 75% off for health and beauty products from iHerb & up to a 5% refund
  • Up to 70% off on AliExpress products & up to a 9% refund
  • Access to the best prices on accommodation & up to a 6% refund

How Does Max PayBack Work? 

It is easy to get money back when you make purchases through Max PayBack. The fastest way to access the deals is via the Max PayBack app. You can log into your account and perform all the required operations there. Access the list of eligible stores from the app. Pick the store you want to shop from. Then, add items to your cart and pay. When you reach more than ₪50 in cash back, you can claim the rewards. They will be available as credit on your card. 

Each store and service provider has its own cash back rewards rate. Here are a few examples

  • eBay (5% refund)
  • Nike (3%refund)
  • Expedia (4%refund)
  • (4%refund)
  • LastPrice (4%refund)

The American Express Cash Back Cards for Amazon

Some of the most popular cash back credit cards you can use for Amazon come from American Express. One of them is the American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card. Another one is the Amazon Business Card. Both cards enjoy great popularity on the Amazon U.S. market and not only. 

American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card

The American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card enables you to enjoy a 20% cash back bonus on your Amazon purchases. This card brings multiple other benefits. After using it for purchases of over $2,000, you earn $250 back in the form of statement credit. For U.S customers, the card also offers the following cash back rewards

  • 3% on groceries 
  • 2% on gas
  • 1% on all the other purchases 

Amazon Business Card 

This card has a 0% annual fee. Its welcome offer consists of a $100 Amazon Gift Card. After your card request is approved, you will automatically get the welcome bonus. The application process is 100% online, and you can get a decision in under a minute. 

The American Express Business Card enables you to earn:

  • 3% on select U.S. purchases at Amazon Business,, AWS, or Whole Foods Market 
  • 2% cash back on other U.S. purchases made directly from service providers such as restaurants, phone services, or gas stations
  • 1% cash back on all the other purchases you make using the card

The rewards won’t expire. You collect the cash back, and you’re free to use it on purchases at any time. Moreover, you can use the card anywhere in the world and enjoy cash back prizes with zero foreign transaction fees