Amazon Prime Day - Everything You Need to Know About This Special Day


Amazon is a customer-oriented platform. You can enjoy plenty of benefits and discounts here. Being such a competitive market with thousands of sellers and websites available in numerous languages, including Hebrew, Amazon offers all sorts of deals year-round. However, one particular day is the best to grab excellent deals on Amazon. It is called Prime Day. Learn more about it. 

TLDR: Discover what discounts and perks you can enjoy on Amazon’s Prime Day. 

What Is Amazon’s Prime Day?

Prime Day is Christmas day on Amazon. This is the time of the year when customers enjoy the greatest discounts on Amazon. The date changes every year. However, Amazon announces its Prime Day date way ahead. So, you can prepare your budget and plan your shopping. 

Prime Day is the most competitive period of the year for sellers. This is when they rush to offer discounts that outperform those of competing brands. For customers, it all translates into plenty of opportunities to enjoy low prices.  

Moreover, Amazon’s Prime Day also urges other retailers to offer discounts. For example, this year, Target will organize its Deal Days in the same period. 

What Product Categories Qualify for Prime Day Sales?

Amazon Prime Day lasts for two days. During the two days, massive discounts are available on all sorts of items ranging from in-season products to gadgets and more. All sellers have reasons to provide discounts because this is when the biggest number of customers is present on the website. 

The sales available on Prime Day can cover any product niche and go from top local brands to third-party sellers. You can enjoy great deals on products for home, apparel, electronics, and different other product categories.

Are Prim Day Deals Time-Limited? 

While there is no standard discount for Prime Day, as each seller has the right to establish their discount rates, there is one common feature. All Prime Day discounts are time-bound. You can only enjoy them during the Prime Day period; afterward, they expire. 

To make sure you don’t miss out on these deals, many sellers might contact you by email with Prime Day offers. They can only do this if you were a previous customer and they have your contact details. 

Free Shipping on Prime Day  

Prime Day deals usually involve discounts. However, you can also get free shipping as part of the deal. Moreover, if you are an Amazon Prime customer, you can get different unlimited and free shipping benefits all year round. 

Amazon Prime Day in 2022

If you’re an Israel customer and want to access Amazon Prime Deals on or other Amazon websites, here is what you should know about this year’s Prime Day. 

When Does Prime Day Take Place This Year?

This year, Amazon’s Prime Day runs from July 12 to July 13. You can get early access to Prime Day deals if you're an Amazon Prime customer. As a Prime member, you can see which deals become available on Prime Day starting June 21. Another benefit Prime customers can enjoy includes a 55% discount on different Amazon devices, such as the Kindle Paperwhite. 

Prime Day deals always start and end at a specific time. This year, the clock starts ticking on July 12 at 3 AM, and the deals marathon lasts 48 hours. 

Countries Participating in Amazon’s Prime Day 

In 2022, Amazon U.S. will celebrate Prime Day starting July 12 together with several other countries worldwide, including Canada, the UK, Mexico, Brazil, China, Singapore, Japan, and Australia. In Europe, the countries where Prime Day also takes place between the 12th and the 13th of July are Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Italy. This year, Amazon Prime Day is available for the first time in Sweeden and Poland. 

Local Prime Day Deals

In some countries, Prime Day doesn’t coincide with the date when this event takes place on the mother platform in the US. Some countries have other dates for this occasion. This year, for example, Prime Day will take place in Saudi Arabia, India, and the UAE later in the summer. 

International Prime Day Deals

If you check out’s Prime Day page, you can learn more about what this day entails and the special discounts available this year. Some of the deals Amazon already announced for 2022 include a 55% discount on

  • Eco Shows 5
  • Echo Dot
  • Fire 7 Tablet
  • Kindle Paperwhite

Additionally, some top-rated sellers in the electronics category will also offer discounts of up to 50%. The list includes

  • Samsung
  • Bose
  • Sony
  • SharkNinja

Other famous brands that will spoil customers with deals include Casper, Levi’s, ELEMIS, Beats, GE. 

Amazon Prime Day FAQs

How to Enjoy Shipping Benefits on Prime Day? 

For this, you can access a free Amazon Prime customer trial. The trial lasts for 30 days. You can access it if you haven’t enjoyed a previous trial for the past 12 months. You can get faster delivery times and other benefits as a Prime member. 

How to Make the Most out of Prime Deals?

Ideally, you should know when Prime Day takes place at least a few days ahead. This way, you’ll be able to budget for the big day. Making a list of what you want to buy is a good idea. It will help you save time looking for products. Also, to make sure you don’t miss out on great deals, you can create a personalized deal alert. You’ll receive deals notifications for product categories that interest you.  

When to Access Prime Deals?

To make sure the hottest Prime Day Amazon deals don’t sell out, you should access them as soon as possible. If you already know what you want to buy, log into your account and start looking for deals as soon as Prime Day kicks off. 

Will I Find Good Deals on the Second Prime Day Too?

Definitely, there are numerous deals on both days. Don’t miss out on opportunities. Put money aside for the second Prime Day and check the platform regularly. New deals constantly emerge throughout the sales window.